Unlock Codes For Your Honda

An unlock code is necessary if your battery has completed died or been disconnected. Having the unlock code will let you set your radio or navigation system back up properly for use.

What is a Honda Unlock Code?

An unlock code will allow you to set your radio and navigation system back up after your battery has died or been disconnected. Your radio or navigation system requires this code as an anti-theft function.

Finding the Right Information to Reset the Radio Code by VIN Number

While you can head to Honda of Denton to have your radio code reset, you can also take steps to find your Honda Odyssey reset code on your own as well. You will often need your vehicle's VIN and the serial number for the device to get started.

Start by Finding Your VIN Number

You will need your vehicle's VIN to find the unlock code. There are a few places that you can look to locate your VIN.
  • On the driver's side base of the front windshield
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Insurance card or other proof of insurance
  • New owner surveys or customer satisfaction surveys from Honda
Your VIN should be 17 digits. VINs never use the letters I, O, and Q. If your VIN is not working to find the unlock code, try substituting a zero for what you thought was the letter O or a 1 for what you thought was the letter I.

Find Your Vehicle's Serial Number

You will also need a serial number to get your unlock radio code. The serial number does not apply to the vehicle-it is attached to the device you want to unlock.

  • 2013 and 2014 Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilots do not require a radio unlock code. You can find additional information about your radio and navigation system in your owners' manual.
  • Honda models that are 2001 or older have serial numbers that are on the back of the device. You should visit Honda of Denton to obtain the serial number and learn how to reset your radio.

If you own a Honda vehicle that is newer than 2001 (but not a 2013 or 2014), you can often find the serial number by looking at the device display.

There may also be a notation in the glovebox about the serial number as well.

Getting the serial number from the display can be tricky. Follow these steps to get to the code display screen. Once you see a code displayed that starts with a U, those are the first digits of your code. The second half of the serial number will appear with an L in front of it. You should have 8 digits in all.

Follow these steps for a 2003 to 2007 Accord with a navigation system:

  1. Turn ignition to ACC
  2. Turn on the audio unit. COdE should display. If it does not display, pull the backup fuse for one minute and try again.
  3. Turn off the unit.
  4. Press and hold the tops of each of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC bars. At the same time, press and release the PWR/VOL knob.
  5. The code screens should then appear.

For all other models, you can use the following steps

Turn the ignition to ON.
Turn on the audio device. It should read "COde." If it does not, pull the backup fuse for a minute and try again.
Then turn off the device.
Press and hold radio presets 1 and 6.
Turn on the device while holding the presets.
The code screens should then appear.

Getting Your Unlock Code

Once you have the information you need, visit this website to get your Honda radio navigation code.